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Shoot Your Nightmare Halloween

Shoot Your Nightmare Halloween

Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special is a special version of the game for the brave people. Players are stuck in nightmares. All are dark and in it are monsters trying to catch you. Use pistol to shoot and destroy them.
To escape this terrible dream, players must find enough 13 bowls of candy that are hidden in different places. Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special can be a memorable and dramatic experience.
– First-person shooter game
– Halloween theme
– Four gun options
– Many scary monsters, such as Slenderman and Slendrina
How to play Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special
– WASD to walk around
– Mouse to look around
– Left Mouse Button to fire
– Right Mouse Button to aim
– Mouse Wheel To change weapon
– G to throw a grenade
– R to reload
– F to pick up an item
– Left shift to run
– Left Ctrl to crouch
– X to prone
– V to melee
– Space to jump

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